Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another Year, Another Fail.

The Turd Birds unleashed another summer of stench (67 – 95, -169 run differential*) so of course I had to brew another batch of Turd Bird Ale. And just like last year I brewed like the Royals play. For some reason the yeast never finished fermenting during primary and waited until it was bottled to finish up. Maybe I didn't pitch enough yeast? The result was explosive, literally. I lost about eight bottles.

*I'm not even going to bother to recap the season, I stopped paying attention in July. The only thing you need to know is that the kids in the minors were awesome last year, lots of post-season awards. There is reason to be hopeful, as long as Moore doesn't find a way to screw it all up...

If you wait for the carbonation to dissipate, it's a pretty good beer. Creamy chocolate, bread crust, toffee, lots of yummy malt goodness going on in this one, too bad I screwed it up. Next year I'm brewing the same recipe, hopefully I get it right. Third times a charm, right? Maybe I'll brew it in the spring, just for practice (like spring training).

Ever wonder what twelve ounces of foam looks like?

Expected OG: 1.085
Actual OG: 1.075
Expected FG: 1.022
Actual FG: 1.023
IBU: 46
Boil: 90 minutes
Pre-boil Volume: 7.0 gallons
Final Volume: 5.5 gallons
Apparent Attenuation: 68%
ABV: 7.28%

14 lbs. Maris Otter (Crisp)
1 lbs. 8 oz. Crystal 50 - 60 (Simpson's)
1 lbs. 8 oz. Brown Malt (Crisp)
8 oz. Coffee Malt (Simpson's)

2.5 oz. Kent Goldings (pellet 4.5% AA) @ 75 min.
0.5 oz. Kent Goldings (pellet 4.5% AA) @ 10 min.

Wyeast 1968 London ESB (Fuller's)

Spring water from Welpman Spring in Morgan County, MO

60 min. @ 154˚ (24.5 qt. @ 167˚)
20 min. @ 165˚ (12.25 qt. @ 180˚)

Brewed on 9/17/10 by myself.

9/16/12pm – made 1 quart starter using 4 oz. of DME.

Estimated mash water temps using this calculator.

9/17 – Mash in was more around 155˚-156˚ – pretty close to what I wanted. Grain temp was closer to 78. Sparge water could have been hotter, didn't get up over 160˚ like I should be.

1.075 – around 66%? If I had boiled it down to 5 gallons I'd be close to 1.085

Pitched yeast at 2:50pm at about 70˚.

10/14 – Bottling day. 75˚ + 4.7 gallons + 2 volumes of CO2 = 2.9 oz table sugar.
28 x 12oz. + 6 x 22oz. + 6 x 24oz. + 1 x 500ml = 5.05 gallons.
Sample tasted pretty good, creamy chocolate, a little coffee. Should be a good one.

11/10 – Some how I over carbonated, I suspect that the FG has dropped below 1.023. Once the carb settles down a bit it tastes pretty good.

11/20 – I measured the gravity and it was lower, around 1.017. No wonder bottles were exploding. I should have known it wasn't done at only 68% AA.

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