Thursday, February 28, 2008

Boulevard Dry Stout

Today we'll take at look at another local brewery, Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, MO. To me, Boulevard's brewing philosophy seems to be brewing simple, flavorful, low ABV beers that one could enjoy over a long drinking session (I'm referring to their regular lineup here, not the new Smokestack Series). Their strongest year-round beer, Bully Porter, is only 5.4% ABV. The Dry Stout weighs in at a mere 4.9% and 28 IBUs, but does it have enough flavor to stay interesting for multiple servings?

Pours black with a light brown head. Mellow aromas of milk chocolate and creamy coffee, not as intense or complex as other stouts, but still a pleasing aroma. Flavor has more chocolate and roasted coffee flavors. Swallow is smooth with a subtle dry and earthy aftertaste. Not the greatest stout ever made, but I would easily pick it over a Guinness. While not as interesting as their porter, which I almost never see on tap, I could easily drink several pints and be perfectly happy with my choice. I'll go ahead and give it a B-minus.

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