Tuesday, February 12, 2008

S.P. Dinsmoor's Scotch Ale

Tonight we take a look at S.P. Dinsmoor's Scotch Ale from Free State Brewing Company located here in Lawrence, Kansas. The beer is named after Samuel Perry Dinsmore, who created the somewhat famous and completely weird Garden of Eden in Lucas, Kansas. I wish I had some kind of crazy story to add in here about a drug-fueled road trip to the Garden of Eden, but I've never been, so you'll have to settle for a boring beer review.

The beer pours with the color of brewed tea accompanied by a small newspaper colored head. The aroma is a mix caramel and a distinct smoke aroma from the peat smoked malts. The flavor profile starts with caramel and prune sweetness that quickly fades into a smoky, chalky swallow. The body is smooth and mild.

Overall, a pretty good beer. Not a beer I anticipate or seek out, but the peat smoked malt gives it enough uniqueness to earn a solid B. For extra credit it helped add an extra layer of flavor to my Chipotle Super Bowl Chili.

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