Saturday, March 29, 2008

Old Franziskaner

So, here's that post on the Dunkelweiss that I promised. I picked this bottle of Franziskaner up at a local shop where I didn't think I needed to worry about how old a bottle was, turns out I do. The date code on the bottle, located in the lower left of the front label, is “12263”. A little on-line research revealed that this translates to a bottling date of the 122nd day of 2006 (May 2) and that it was bottled on line #3. This means by beer is almost 2 years old. Wheat beers are best when they are consumed fresh.

As are pale ales, on the same trip I picked up a six pack of Hazed & Infused and it also seemed old, there was almost none of the enjoyable hop aroma. Boulder Beer Co.'s beer lack any kind of bottled on or best by date so I have no way to tell exactly how old those beers were.

As a result of the beer being old, I'm not going to post any tasting notes but I did take some pictures, so enjoy...

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  1. Wow that is old! Looks good and did not go flat by the looks of the head. Hope you can get a fresh bottle because I like to read your review.