Monday, November 23, 2009

Collision Stout

Continuing with my catch up posts. For my next brew I wanted to brew something on the lighter side, that wouldn't be terribly difficult to brew. I decided to go with a dry stout, by light I meant low gravity. Expecting a quick brew night, I was met with adversity right from the beginning. Seems that I have a bit of a problem with spacial recognition, what I thought was a twelve quart pot was actually eight. So here I am at about 8:00 at night with twelve quarts worth of grain and water and not enough pot to mash it all. In the end I ended up with all my grains and mash water in the brew kettle but it's bigger around than my grain bag so it ended up looking more like steeping grains than mashing. In the end I made a pretty damn good stout so I can't complain much, yet another lesson learned.

The beer I ended up with had a solid black color with a deep ruby edge. Muted aroma of roasted barley, bitter sweet chocolate. Flavors are similar, roast and chocolate with an ample bitterness. Mouth feel is rich and creamy, smooth, I could drink a few of these. When I first started drinking this batch there was a weird mineral/metallic off flavor but that cleared out with a little more bottle conditioning and now I have an easy drinking dry stout.

Expected OG: 1.058
Actual OG: ??
Expected FG: 1.012
Actual FG: 1.010
IBU: 53
Boil: 60 minutes
Apparent Attenuation: ??
ABV: ??

Briess Pilsner DME 4.0 lbs.

Partial Mash Grains:
Maris Otter 2.0 lbs.
Flaked Barley 2.0 lbs.
Roasted Barley (extra crush) 1.0 lbs.

60 min. - First Gold, 8.0% 2.0 oz.

Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale 1 qt. Starter

Spring water from Welpman Spring in Morgan County, MO

Partial Mash: In a 8 qt. stock pot, heat 7.5 quarts of water to 162˚, meanwhile preheat 12qt crock pot, add grain bag and grains to preheated pot, then slowly add water and stir. Mash temp should be about 150˚.

After about 30 minutes, heat 5 quarts of water to about 170˚. When mash is done, pull out the grain bag and let it drain for a few minutes. Dump wort into kettle, add bag and heated water back to crock, stir and let sit for 20 minutes to rinse out any remaining sugars. Should end up with around 10+ quarts of wort.

Add 3 gallons water and wort to brew kettle (for a total of around 5.5 gal.), add DME and stir, heat to a boil and add bittering hops. At about 15 min. add a 1 tsp of Irish Moss to help with clarity.

Chill wort to about 80˚ or less, transfer to carboy, aerate, take gravity, pitch decanted yeast starter.

Brewed on 9/2/09 by myself.

8/31/09 – made starter with about a quart of water and 4oz of DME.

9/2 - Totally screwed up the mash. Not a 12qt pot. More like 8. Ended up mashing in the brew kettle. Not ideal. Stupid, I am.

9/3/12:45am – Pitched yeast at about 70. Forgot to take gravity reading. Maybe I shouldn't brew at night?

9/8/09 – Primary fermentation is over. I had the carboy in a water bath, pretty sure temps stayed around 70 or lower.

9/24 – Bottling Day. Eleven 22 oz. and twenty-four 12 oz. bottles used 2.8 oz. of corn sugar for about 2 volumes of CO2.

11/23 – Taste comparison with an O'Hara's Irish Stout. Mine was more bitter with more of a bittersweet chocolate versus the sweeter coffee flavor of the O'Hara.


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