Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Next up is my first attempt at repitching a yeast cake. I saved the Wyeast 3068 from my last Hefeweizen in a growler that I stored in the fridge until I needed it (about 3 weeks). I also corrected my partial mash mistake from the last brew and went with a “double partial mash”. Basically I mashed in 2 pots instead of just one, and I have to say it worked out fairly well, except my efficiancy was a little low but I'm getting used to that.

The recipe is pretty much all mine. I did some research and looked at some different recipes to get an understanding of the basic ingredients and then made up my own combination of malts. I decided to go light on the Crystal 120 to keep the dark fruit flavors in the background, I really wanted the caramel and banana to be the main attraction. I think I did a pretty good job of accomplishing this. I don't think I would change this recipe much, maybe add a little more caramel malt and a slightly lower fermentation temp, it got away from me a little.

The aroma has a nice balance of banana fruitiness and caramel/tofee sweetness, with a bready background. A touch of dark fruit but not to much. Clove esters combine with the alcohol to add some spiciness. Deep ruby/brown color. Decent head retention. Full bodied with just enough bitterness to keep everything in check.

Expected OG: 1.080
Actual OG: 1.075
Expected FG: 1.020
Actual FG: 1.021
IBU: 24
Boil: 60 minutes
Pre-boil Volume: 5.5 gallons
Final Volume: 5 gallons
Apparent Attenuation: 71%
ABV: 7.1%

Wheat DME 3 lbs.
Briess Pilsen DME 2 lbs.

Partial Mash Grains:
Weyermann Light Munich 4 lbs.
Weyermann Dark Wheat Malt 2 lbs
Weyermann Cara Wheat 8 oz.
Weyermann Cara Munich III 4 oz
Briess Crystal 120 4 oz.
Weyermann Chocolate Wheat 2 oz.

60 min: Warrior, 15.8% 0.5 oz.

Wyeast 3068 cake saved from Hefe

Spring water from Welpman Spring in Morgan County, MO

Double Partial Mash (stove top method): In brew kettle, heat 11 quarts of water to 165˚, meanwhile pre-heat two 8qt pots in oven (set to warm) add grain bags and grains to preheated pots, then slowly add water and stir. Mash temp should be about 153˚. Move pots to preheated oven for 60 minutes.

After about 30 minutes, heat 8 quarts of water to about 175˚. When mash is done, pull out the grain bags and let it drain for a few minutes. Add first running to kettle. Pour 4 quarts of heated water to each pot and add grain bags, stir and let sit for 20 minutes to rinse out any remaining sugars. Should end up with around 14 – 16 quarts of wort.

Add 1 gallon or so of water and wort to brew kettle (for a total of around 5.5 gal.), add DME and stir, heat to a boil and add hops.

Chill wort to about 70˚ or less, transfer to carboy, aerate, take gravity, pitch decanted yeast starter.

Brewed on 9/19/09 by myself

9/18/09 – made 2 cups of wort with about 1.8 oz. of DME and pitched it onto the decanted yeast cake.

9/19/2:00pm – OG came out low, again. Calculating about 55% efficiency, not good. Pitched starter at about 68˚. I bought a small fountain pump and used it to recirculate ice water through chiller. Worked great. Need to make a bigger chiller.

9/19/11:00pm – Fermentation is under way, about a ½ inch of kraeusen. 70˚

9/20 – Fermentation has been rocking all day. Lots of yeast through the blow-off. Temp got a little higher than I wanted, around 77˚

9/21 – Fermentation has started to settle down a bit, temp is holding around 72˚. Removed blow-off and replaced with foil.

9/25 – Temps have been dipping down into the upper 60s, hope they stay like this or go lower.

10/15 – Bottling day. Bottled 24 – twelve ounce bottles, 12 – 22oz. Bottles and one 750ml bottle. Used 6 oz. of corn sugar for about 3 volumes of CO2.


  1. Great post. I did my first partial mash 2 weeks ago. Used the 2 pot method also. I overshot my 155 target mash temp. Next time s/b better now that I know the tendencies of my stove and equipment.

    I see many partial mash recipes on Beer Tools with a 3 to 1 ratio of DME to base malt. You had a full
    6 pounds of base malt and wheat malt vs 5 pounds of DME. Bravo!

    Question: When you wrote, "9/19/2:00pm – FG came out low, again." Since it appears you were referring to the measurement of the wort before you pitched the yeast. Am I correct that you meant Original(OG) or Starting (SG) Gravity, not final gravity (FG)?

    I bring this up because I'm having a little trouble with the concept of the OG reading translating into mash efficiency. If you want to weigh in, look for my blog post on the topic, which should be published shortly.

  2. That sounds tasty. I'm a big fan of the style. Ayinger has a really good one that we just started getting in the area.

  3. Muddy Mo: You're right that should be OG, it's fixed now. I don't fully understand efficiency yet. I use hopville for my recipe calculaton and just go back in and adjust the efficiency number until it shows my OG.

    HomeBrewHawk: I just bought a bottle of the Ayinger the other day. Going to do a side by side real soon. I'm a big Ayinger fan so I was expecting it to be good.